* Storage more than 60 fields and 20 customizable fields.
* Create Tree Group to manage contacts, and can Map contacts.
* Fast Dial Phones, Send mails, fax, visit web pages.
* Remind Birthday and anniversaries.
* Support multi-print formats, support envelops and mail merge.
* Trace contact's all actions, support Caller ID
* Support Relation management and can create Relation Map
Calendar & Tasks:
* Calendar provide 7 views: Today, Day, Week, Month, Time Bar
* Tasks support Sub-Tasks for small project manager.
* Support Multi-Days event and tasks, and can set recurrence.
* Set Style for appointment and task, include Fore-Back color and icon.
* Show Filter, show Appointments and Tasks in the same view.
* Reminder events and tasks.
* Associate contacts to trance contact's actions.
* Drag & Drop to create appointment or task quickly.
Note and Diary
* Support HTML format.
* Tree view to navigate folder, diary and tag.
* Insert customizable emotion pictures.
* Full functional Editor, support Spell check.
* Powerful screenshot tool.
* Note has Zip code, City information etc. for quick lookup.
* Support Sound Recording for voice note.
* Support Multi-Accounts emails
* Support POP3, STMP mail server, support SSL.
* Support IMAP mail server, support IMAP sync and mailbox management.
* Set filter so list mails.
* Full functional HTML editor, support Spell Check and Emotions.
* Anti-Spam system.
* Create mail rules for better management.
* Remote POP3 server management.
WinPIM Other Features

Control cell phone to send SMS.
Password protection for your data.
* Share data over network, not only via LAN, but also via Internet.
Multi-User supported Database. Can set Access for different user, multi-user can access data at the same time.
Sync with your smart phones and PDAs.
Works with many programs you already have.

Some functions are available in WinPIM Business Edition only.

Many of our customers have found that WinPIM is much more than a software product; rather, it is a process that can potentially take our lives from chaos into order. Initially, you may only use the most obvious features of WinPIM. Over time, as your organizational requirements expand, you will discover a wealth of additional features and capabilities that are waiting for you when you are ready for them.

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