WinPIM Updates

Here is only latest year's updates history. More updates history is available in WinPIM Help file. WinPIM was developed since 1995, in the past 20+ years, we keep on developing WinPIM to make it better. We often release a new version in one or two months.

WinPIM v16.90 (Jan 18, 2021)

1. [IMPROVED] Improved much performance of processing notes and emails. Faster and more stable, occupies less memory, more secure data, and better compatibility.
2. [IMPROVED] Improve mail display and right click menu.
3. [NEW] Can show progress when import emails.
4. [OTHER] Minor improves and fixes.

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WinPIM v16.80 (Nov 20, 2020)
1. [NEW] Note and EMail can Save As a picture.
2. [IMPROVED] Contact Relations can link people in the same company automatically.
3. [IMPROVED] Can Drag & Drop to add attachment when read Note.
4. [IMPROVED] Show a message when backup finished.
5. [IMPROVED] Hide advanced options when create user in new data folder.
6. [IMPROVED] Better email From display.
7. [FIXED] Some mails may not been parsed correctly.
8. [FIXED] Can not Forward attachment in some mail.
9. [FIXED] Some picture in mail may not shows correct.
10. [OTHER] Minor improves and fixes.
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WinPIM v16.71 (Aug 13, 2020)
1. [NEW] Can open destination Folder after Export.
2. [IMPROVED] Improve Spam mail Study and Judge.
3. [IMPROVED] Improve Check New Mail in Alert.
4. [FIXED] When the toolbar start in min mode, switch View may not work.
5. [FIXED] Some mails may not been parsed correctly.
6. [FIXED] Delete one instance of Recurrence Event of other Timezone, may not work.
7. [FIXED] When have multi-mail account, the From account may not correct.
8. [FIXED] Some attach may not be saved correctly.
9. [FIXED] Drag attach and Drop to mail may not work.
10 [FIXED] Show Weather in Today view may not work.
11. [OTHER] Minor improves and fixes.
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