WinPIM Updates

Here is only latest year's updates history. More updates history is available in WinPIM Help file. WinPIM was developed since 1995, in the past 20+ years, we keep on developing WinPIM to make it better. We often release a new version in one or two months.

WinPIM v16.00 (Aug 02, 2017)

1. [NEW] Notes add Module function.
2. [NEW] Tasks add List Toolbar, remove left filter.
3. [NEW] Mail add Filter toolbar, remove left filter.
4. [NEW] Note add View toolbars.
5. [NEW] Calendar add View Toolbars, improve filter.
6. [NEW] HTML editor can remove background picture.
7. [IMPROVED] Load large data for much better performance.
8. [IMPROVED] Improve single user database Access settings.
9. [IMPROVED] Improve mail performance.
10. [FIXED] Sometime note unicode problem.
11. [FIXED] 'Add to List' may not work in Search window.
12. [OTHER] More than 10 Minor improves and fixes.

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WinPIM v15.96 (Jun 5, 2017)

1. [NEW] Can find duplicate Contacts by name in Repair tool.
2. [NEW] Calendar, Tasks can Import/Export Style in CSV format.
3. [NEW] Note can Import/Export Attachments information.
4. [IMPROVED] Improved software start up.
5. [OTHER] Minor improves and fixes.

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WinPIM v15.95 (Apr 17, 2017)

1. [NEW] Can Export multi-note into one note.
2. [IMPROVED] Improve Web Edition sync performance.
3. [IMPROVED] Enhance Database Fix tool.
4. [IMPROVED] Improve Search performance.
5. [FIXED] Fix Note Editor problem.
6. [OTHER] Minor improves and fixes.

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