Sync for Google/iCloud/Yahoo/iPhone/iPad/Android:
* Sync Contacts and Calendar for Google/iCloud/Yahoo/ownCloud.
* Sync Contacts and Calendar for Andoid/iPhone/iPad devices.
* Support CalDav Sync.
* Support CardDav Sync.
* Unicode support.
* Recurring, all-day events are supported.
* Different Time zones support.
* Support multi-calendars.
* No conflict with other sync programs.
To use, in WinPIM, click Sync menu, select Cloud Sync.
Sync with iPhone/iPad?
iPhone iPad can Sync with iCloud. WinPIM Sync for Cloud tool can also Sync WinPIM Contact and Calendar with iCloud. So in this way, WinPIM can sync with iPhone/iPad calendar via iCloud.

Sync with Android?
As a Google designed device, Android definitely supports synchronizing with Google services for Google Calendar and Google Contacts. So you can also use Sync for Google to Sync WinPIM with your Android devices.

What does Data Sync means?
Data Sync means let both sides data keeps same and up to date. When one side add, modify or remove data, the changes will also be taken place on the other side after the Sync operation. Even changes were happened on every side, the data will also be same after the Sync