WinPIM Android app:
* Support Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes management.
* Support Contacts tree view Group.
* Contact support multi-photo.
* Can Scan and Import Business Card.
* Support Week Calendar and Month Calendar
* Support sub-Task.
* Calendar and Tasks support Recurrence settings.
* Calendar, Tasks and Notes can Link Contacts.
* Note support rich text and pictures.
* Share between apps.
* Fast search.
* Reminder every thing you set.
* Password Lock and Finger print Unlock.
* Can Sync with WinPIM Web Edition
* Can Sync with WinPIM Business Edition via WinPIM Server
* Upgrade Online.
* Support Android v4.4 or later.
* FREE app
Use a Android phone to Scan the Barcode to Start download or Click to Download
How to Sync WinPIM Android app with WinPIM Deskop software?
Both WinPIM Android app and WinPIM Desktop software can Sync with WinPIM Web Edition . In this way,  WinPIM Android app can Sync with WinPIM Desktop software.

WinPIM Android Edition can also sync with WinPIM Business Edition via WinPIM Server.


WinPIM Web Edition

WinPIM Business Edition
How to Sync Sync via WinPIM Cloud Server. All the data saved on WinPIM Cloud Server. WinPIM Windows Edition will sync with WinPIM Cloud Server, and WinPIM Android Edition will also sync with WinPIM Cloud Server. You need to install WinPIM Server software on your PC, and WinPIM Windows Edition will access the WinPIM Server directly. WinPIM Android Edition will Sync with WinPIM Server. All the data saved on your PC.
Sync Data Contacts (no photo), Calendar and Task. Contacts (include photo), Calendar and Task, Note.
License Yearly Fee: $19.95 No additional fee for WinPIM Business Edition.
BTW: WinPIM Personal Editon can upgrade to WinPIM Businedd Edition.